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2017-18 Roster Breakdown

2017-18 Roster Breakdown

This year's roster is looking pretty good so far, landing some of the top recruits such as Gary Trent Jr., Wendell Carter, and Trevon Duval. Also in the mix is Alex O'Connell, a shooting guard from Georgia, along with Jordan Tucker who's also from GA, coming in as a small forward. Of course we got Grayson for one more year as well, along with Marquese Bolden. Rumors are surfacing that Bolden still will not be in the starting line up this season, but I don't see how that would be true. I am really hoping he will be able to step up on defense this year and be big for us. I was hoping we would land heavily favored Kevin Knox, but unfortunately that didn't happen. Shortly after Knox committed to Kentucky, new commit Jordan Tucker was offered by Duke. It was very easy to tell that he had been waiting for this offer, as he made his decision rather quickly. Lots of people were coming at him on twitter with "how does it feel to be a second option?" and he simply replied with "being a second priority doesn't change who I am as a player, I know what I'm capable of and I'm going to do what's best for myself and my family." That's what I like to see, and he definitely backs up his word based on his highlight video's. Trevon Duval's highlight video's are worth the watch as well. As many of you know, he committed to Duke around 9:00 this morning, with a YouTube video. I imagine he had been working on for quite sometime now (maybe why he dragged out telling us his decision). I am very happy to see he chose Duke. Duval is among some of the number one point guard's in the past to commit to Duke, along with Kyrie Irving (2010) and Tyus Jones (2014). I have high hopes for Duval and his skill. I think he is going to be a key player for Duke this year. The main thing with Trevon is that he is a true point guard, who can score and also get other players involved. Allowing Gary Trent Jr. and Grayson to play off the ball, stretch the floor, and Trevon can/will run the point. Same way as Tyus Jones did. To where he has a great scoring aspect, is a great pick and roll ball handler, but most importantly can get others involved without having to find their own shot. I think he will be able to find other players easily and pass them the ball without having to isolate, so they can smoothly get some shots up. I am excited to see how this all plays out, and I hope we can have some good depth to the team this year. I would like to see a few good players coming off the bench as well. Maybe Antonio Vrankovic, Javin Delaurier, and Jordan Tucker. It would be awesome if they all could make an impact off the bench. I think the potential for this team is definitely there and I am stoked for this up coming season. Let us all pray to the basketball god's for a healthy and strong team this year as well.. because lets face it, a healthy Grayson Allen is something we for sure want to see next year. He's unstoppable when he is at his max potential. I am eager to see the rest of the newest players get to work and see what they're capable of as well. Only like 6 months until the season starts, but who's counting?! Until then, happy reading and as always, go DUKE!! 


Devil in a Blue Dress

Below is the full roster for this years season, including player's position, height, and year.

Grayson Allen

Guard, 6'5, Senior


Brennan Besser

Guard, 6'5, Junior


Marques Bolden

Center, 6'11, Sophomore

Wendell Carter Jr. 

Forward, 6'10, Freshman

Javin DeLaurier

Forward, 6'10, Sophomore

Trevon Duval

Guard, 6'3, Freshman

Jordan Goldwire

Guard, 6'2, Freshman

Alex O'Connell

Guard, 6'5, Freshman

Justin Robinson

Forward, 6'9, RSO

Gary Trent Jr.

Guard, 6'5, Freshman

Jordan Tucker

Forward, 6'7, Freshman

Antonio Vrankovic

Center, 7'0, Junior

Jack White

Forward, 6'7, Sophomore






Kyrie "Swirving"

Kyrie "Swirving"

Frank to the NBA

Frank to the NBA